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Free Consultations 

Free consultations to meet with you to discover your wishes for your birth. I want to know your:

- expectations  

- fears and anxieties

- hopes and dreams

- birth preferences 

- relevant medical conditions


This free consultation gives me the opportunity to: 

- establish a caring connection with you

- present my birth services 

- answer all of your questions 

- bring ease and curiosity to your birth possibilities

I am here to serve you with professionalism, kindness and respect for all of your preferences.  

Childbirth Education Classes

Childbirth Education Classes provide a comprehensive course including:

- how to prepare for early labor at home

- what to pack in your hospital bags 

- the stages of labor and how to manage them

- all of the possible ways labor can begin...natural contractions, labor augmentation and inductions 

- comfort measures, creative positions, how to count contractions and the progression of labor

- when to call the care provider and go to the hospital

- possible interventions like Pitocin and Epidurals

- pushing phase and delivery

- Cesarean Sections

- managing realistic expectations 

Prenatal Craniosacral Therapy 

Craniosacral Therapy is a very gentle, hands-on, deep relaxation therapy that:

- releases stress and strain in the head, back, pelvis, hips and legs

- reduces puffiness and swelling in wrists and ankles associated with pregnancy. 

- helps relieve carpal tunnel syndrome in wrists

- relieves pain and discomfort in the pregnant body

- helps to create more space and flexibility in the hips and pelvis allowing for the best chance of a vaginal birth

- assists breech babies to turn into the most favorable position for a successful vaginal delivery

- aligns the position of the baby in the pelvis to help avoid a Cesarean Section delivery 

- calms stress, fear and anxiety

- facilitates relaxation and rest for the pregnant woman

- allows her to have some private time to be nurtured and recharge her energy

- results in clear insights and peace of mind  

- prepares a pregnant woman's body for an easier labor 

​Labor Support

Labor Support Service consists of:

- childbirth preparation class

- phone consultations to build a relationship and stay updated with you to learn any news from your care provider.

- labor support in early labor and guidance as to when to go to the hospital.

- comfort measures, breathing techniques, creative positions, music and tools for comfort and ease

- support throughout your labor at the hospital

- advocacy with the medical staff and care provider

- guidance, information and coaching

- pushing techniques

- breastfeeding support following the birth   

Lactation Support

Lactation Support Service includes:

- in-home breastfeeding sessions to ensure successful latches and breast care

- preparing comfortable feeding stations

- feeding schedules

- keeping feeding logs

- breast pumping

- resolving breast engorgement

- different feeding positions

- tandem breastfeeding for twins

- ensuring your newborn is getting enough to eat

Newborn Care

Newborn Care Service includes:

- diapering

- swaddling

- infant baths

- infant calming techniques

- infant language and cues

- sleep schedules

- feeding schedules

- bottle feeding if needed

- care and empowerment for new parents

Infant Craniosacral Therapy

Infant Craniosacral Therapy helps:

- release stress and strain from birth, especially when vacuum or forceps were used to assist the delivery 

- release neck strain that prevents successful breastfeeding

- helps resolve Torticollis

- allows for deep relaxation and better sleep

- creates better body alignment to develop the best posture

- helps with reflux, digestion and infant constipation

- helps reduce the body pain and fussiness associated with growth spurts

- helps to soothe, nurture and calm babies when they are overwhelmed